Greetings from the new Editor-in-Chief

Published:November 27, 2020DOI:
      Dear Readers,
      Journal of Cardiology Cases is the Official Online Journal of the Japanese College of Cardiology for publishing case reports. This journal was founded with the first Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Chuwa Tei, in October 2010. After that, the editorship of this journal was taken over by Prof. Hiroshi Ito (2010–2013), Prof. Tohru Masuyama (2014–2016), and Prof. Kazuhiro Yamamoto (2017–2020). Since January 2021, I have taken up the baton of being the Editor-in-Chief of this journal.
      Even though evidence-based medicine is of utmost importance in clinical cardiology, the significance of experience gained from different cases with various pathologies cannot be denied. However, there is a limit to an individual's experience. To compensate for this, there are case reports. At one point, many journals stopped publishing case reports, but in recent years, their importance has been recognized and new journals focusing on case reports are being launched.
      JC Cases is an English-language journal specializing in publishing case reports online. This journal has grown considerably in the past 10 years. In 2019, more than 500 papers were submitted from over 50 countries, and the number of papers being submitted increased further in 2020. These excellent case reports have contributed to the development of concepts, diagnoses, and management and have led to the introduction of new therapeutic approaches in clinical cardiology.
      I am honored to be joining this venerable journal that has published high-quality content for over a decade. I will work with a new and accomplished editorial team to further develop this journal. We are awaiting your submission of interesting case reports to JC Cases.